Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Hello Stampers! Today, I would like to say a word of thanks to everyone that has visited my site and followed me along the way as I share my love of stamping and all things papercrafting. As my family has grown and children get older, spreading their creative wings I felt it was time to help them with their creative endeavors. I will be changing this blog of mine to share the artworks that we will be creating and selling.
I would love for you to visit and follow me over at Lily Patch Quilts where I will start to share my stamping projects and video tutorials in addition to my sewing. Here's a glimpse of a new video for this week.

This bird sketch was one that will be watercolored in and offered as both a print and notecards.

The watercolored collage below is called "Its a Good Day." This was done because of a prompt and this was what my daughter's good day would be like. Sitting in front of the window feeling the gentle breeze coming through while enjoying a hot cup of cocoa and reading a good book. This sure sounds like my kind of a good day.
This is a rough sketch of a made up person. Hopefully one day we might do custom portraits.

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